If you could place yourself in a situation now where you had finished work – retired if you like – and look back over how much of your time was taken up with your job, what would you be reflecting on?

If the theme that emerges is one of wishing you had spent less time at work and more time with your family and loved ones, then you would be in the majority.  As that’s what has been recorded as the number one ‘regret’ on the list – bar none.

Sure, you put food on the table, took the best holidays available (in the 2,3,4 or so weeks allocated each year so to do) and achieved a successful career as a well-respected professional.  Maybe being away from home on those glamorous business trips (not) in one hotel room or another was your thing. 

So, having done the time travel into the future and now returned, what questions might you ask yourself today.

What if you could earn what you are now but do it under your own steam?

What do you think the value of your income is right now?  What do you buy with it? How much of what you buy is time related? 

What don’t you like about your lifestyle?

What is holding you back from achieving a better lifestyle

What does wealth mean to you?

What do you think you will reflect on at the end of your life?  Sorry, heavy question alert

The Choice

You have skills.  You use them to earn a living and prove your worth to your employers.  I am sure they do well out of you.

You have ideas of your own. Maybe in your current field or perhaps an interest, hobby or idea you have observed from afar but draws you.

What if you can train (for a while) to learn how to turn that passion and idea into your income.  You can make that income fit your vision of an ideal lifestyle. 

Of course all of this still means work and for sure requires commitment and drive, but the rewards all belong to you and the blend between work and the rest of your life is in your control.

What if there was the opportunity to earn while you learn? The chance to start the process part time with a view to scale up when ready.

How attractive is the concept that you can generate income while you sleep? The ability to generate multiple streams of income.  

With Affiliate Marketing or e-commerce options, literally any idea can be turned into income. This digital world has opened limitless opportunities and there are as many ideas as you could possible dream up.

You can carve out your niche or spread your interests over a wide range.

Of course, it does mean leaving the comfort zone of the Corporate Sector, with the apparent security of tenure and unending growth, but the world is changing and lots of external political factors are having a real impact on those ‘certainties’. Dare I say ‘Brexit’?  What about trade wars between the US and China (or whoever is next in line!)

All those ‘safe’ professions from the last century.  Banking, Insurance, Shipping, Business development – all increasingly AI driven. Less people required – yes, even you decision making managers out there. 

We won’t recognise the workplace in 10 years’ time

I had worked all of my life in office environments and created a professional career at management level. I could have kept going in this vein until the law dictated I had to retire or the company felt I was too old. Whatever of these, there is an end to it and one which may well not have been of my choosing.

More importantly was the realisation that life was passing by. I missed too many of my kid’s key moments. School plays, end of year, beginning of year, sports day. I’d worked away from home for prolonged periods and have seen my children cry when I have had to leave. I would not wish that feeling on anybody.

While there are options to live a better life out there I felt obliged to take them.  Wealth is measured in quality moments. The more of these, the wealthier we are. If you measure wealth any other way, frankly speaking, you are being foolish.

I hope you reflect on this.  My experiences have made me a bit evangelical about all of this. Somebody had to share this with me – more than once -before I left my Comfort Zone. 

Take a look at the video series which you can access from the ‘Start Your Journey’ page on this site. It’s free and so easy to unsubscribe if it’s not for you.  I wouldn’t have signed up if I believed it would lead to an endless stream of junk that I couldn’t escape from.

I now see my kids all the time. I work from home or anywhere else I choose. I gained back that quality time before it could turn to a life of what ifs.

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