The Sun doesn’t shine like this every day.

When it does and I am working from home, then I set up my ‘office’ from the steps near Blackrock Diving tower in Saltill, Galway where I am lucky enough to live.

It wasn’t always that way of course. Just a few years ago I was getting the Central Line train from Epping (where I was living at the time) and getting off at Bank Station in the ‘City’ of London.  

Anybody who is familiar with the London Underground doesnt need me to tell them how uncomfortable these journeys can be, especially at the time the 9-5’s need to be marshalled in and out of the offices. It just so happens that the Central Line is about the most uncomfortable of all. In the summer, you won’t find a Sauna anywhere in London to match it!

Sometime after that job I worked adjacent to Heathrow Airport. I found a place to live 6-7 miles from the Airport, which isn’t far – except if you have any awareness of the traffic that can build up around that area, especially at the time…you guessed it. 

Is this all negative?  Not at all. These experiences and more like it only strenthened my resolve to find another way of putting food on the table.  Tempting though it was to take off in VW Camper around Europe, three teenagers not yet of working age ensured that a decent income was still requiired.

I had started a small business when I was 19.  I was very nieve but managed to get 4 years out of it until I couldn’t afford not to work for somebody else again.

What did stay with me from that experiece however, was a sense of freedom to determine direction.  Ultimatey the business didnt work as I wanted, but that feeling never left me.  

In the process of getting my life together, I developed a desire to become a better person. I spent some time on ‘Project Me’ which by the way is still very much a work in progress.  Part of the resolution that I have made has been to create a lifestyle that works for me and those closest to me, but also one doesn’t inpact negatively on anybody else and that I can be at ease with.

I had read the books, watched the videos and listened to the podcasts to help get the principles in place and even started preaching some of it myself.  Still the component that was missing was practicing what i preached.

I found a route to take that is consistant with my core beliefs and that desire to grow, then there was nothing else to do but to embrace it. Adventure can start in an instant and that’s what happened with me when I came across first class training to set up my own online business.  A few decades on from my last business and with a whole new skill set required, but every bit as exiting.

My online business has become the place where my beliefs and desires have converged..  I found mentors that just so happen share my World View and my journey has taken a very positive step towards being able to help and advise others and faciltate people to take a similar journey out of 9-5 and take ownership of their destiny.  It has made me evangelical about spreading the word that such opportunities exist.  If I can do it… 

So, when the Sun shines I ensure that I make the most of it and bring my work – and so as not to give a false inpression, its plenty of hard work too – down to the sea shore and continue ‘Project Me’ from there.

My name is Vincent Wood and my online business is Allure Naturally 

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