If you have made it to managerial or executive level you are talented.

Your talents are of great benefit to the owners of the company. You make them more money then they pay you, if you didn’t, they wouldn’t pay you!

No doubt you put energy into what you do. No doubt that means working long hours and all of those ‘glamourous’ business trips that those who havent experienced them believe mean actually seeing the place you visit.

Sure the money is good. But what’s the hourly rate? What price missing the school play or even that first – or last – day of school. 

It happens. I should know, I was that guy.

I watched a YouTube video a few months back. It was based around some guy going around central London with a loud hailer. It was a comedic piece…i think. Anyway he would shout a few lines and office workers would come to their windows to investigate.

Having got their attention he would shout this question-come-statement.

‘Will you go to your death bed wondering if you should have worked harder’. The statement begged a concluding sentence spelling out that the actual regret people have would be not spending more time with family and pursuing their dreams. He didn’t have to say this, we got it.

We have to put food on the table of course and more than that. This isn’t a call to action so that standards, expectations or even income drop. What I am promoting is based on my experience and that of many people I have had the good fortune to interact with.  Men and women of all ages. What we would term high achievers, but have come to the realisation that wealth is about more than money.

If we have used what talents to get this far, it has to be  worth considering using that skill set to carve out a lifestyle that balances between a great income and the real wealth of living life with less stress and more of what is truly fulfilling.

It has been my experience and I want to share it with people who come from a similar place and are thinking this through.

Do the due diligence and click on the Start tab above.


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