There are lots of Quotes and affirmations out there and I definitely make use of them to help set a tone or be inspired in one way or another. It’s also great to share them I think. But the words on this picture are a reminder, if we need one, that it is actions as well as words that are needed to create the life we deserve.

I set myself a challenge last year. It was to try and summarise some positive actions into 5000 words. Trying to cover all of the types of positive actions that I know I need in my life, but that also may be of some use to people who want to make positive change. I realised that 5000 words is enough to be read in one sitting if needs be or be a handy reference to be dipped into. I wrote it for myself and for busy people – or rather people who think they are busy and believe don”t have the time for reading. A Short Guide To Fundamental Change was that attempt. I managed to refine it to 5000 words.

But it’s words. Allure Naturally is putting my words into actions as a business that is underpinned by those words. It’s so I can practice what I preach, which of course is what we should all aspire to do.


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