You Can’t Beat Quality Time

You Must Leave The Comfort Zone To Grow

As a middle-aged man with a teenage family I know that food needs to be on the table every day, clothes must be provided and sports activities have to be funded or at least subsidised.

I have had some ‘Good’ jobs. Well paid, Managerial positions with the usual financial benefits and perks of one kind or another that go with that. 

To get there and sustain that I have had to work away from home, travel regularly for days at a time, get home late and leave early, stand in crowded trains and sit for hours in the car, often stationery along some motorway, with fellow travellers just like me.

I concluded that trading quality time with my family wasn’t worth that. To be frank, you don’t reach the end of your life and wish you had spent more time working as hard as that. You may wish that you had spent more of that quality time with those you loved


Well, I wasn’t going to end up that way.  What I did next required a leap of faith and meant leaving the comfort zone of the professional corporate World. I searched for and found a way to use what talents I had built up over the year to start an online business based around what I know and aimed at people just like me.

The people I have reached out to all realise there is more to life than trading their time for corporate profit or senior positions. So, who are they? They are people…

Who are looking to start or grow a business they love
Who want to earn income from home
Who want a location independent income
Who want to make a bigger impact by sharing their message
Who want to find more meaning in the work that they do
Who want to bring new value to their existing business or career
Who want uncapped income potential
Who want to be financially self-sufficient
Who want to grow multiple income streams
Who want a passive income

Mostly they want a better Quality of Life, Control over thier time and to Build Certainty for themselves and thier loved ones.

People who are just like me.

Here are the advantages of following the business model of creating your own online business. 

Starting a new business online requires much less risk than investing your money in a brick-and-mortar storefront or stuffy, corporate office.

Because your business is based online, you can reach more potential customers, work from virtually anywhere, and make money online without large overheads.

With some basic website and online marketing skills along with a little maintenance know-how, almost anyone can launch a business online and get it up and running in only days.

That’s exactly what I did.  My name is Vincent Wood and Allure Naturally is the Online Business I created and it has transformed my life.  My story and the outline of my business can be found here

You can transform your life and create the lifestyle you desire and deserve. Take a look at the Videos and other content on my site and I am sure you will see the opportunity for yourself. 

I did the due diligence before I started this journey and I am sure you will do the same, but I am equally sure that by doing so you already have the mindset to make a change. 

I wish you well.

That 9 to 5 Commute

Starting my working life in London meant that it was a given that I would have to navigate my way around one way or another.  It’s one thing making your way to a Football match or shopping expedition at a time (roughly) of your choosing, but when you are regulated by the clock and of a time regime set by those paying your wages, then it brings a whole different dynamic to the ‘experience’.

According to a recent poll (Quoted in Business Leader Magazine), two-thirds of Londoners found using public transport as the most stressful part of living in the capital. On the London Underground, crowded trains are carrying almost double the number of passengers they were designed to take.  

The same poll outlined that the average work commute in London is over an hour (74 minutes to be precise).  That rings true. It was certainly my experience.  However, the time taken out of our lives is only one factor.  It certainly cannot be described as an uplifting experience to be in such proximity to people. People who never talk to each other!  If you can spot anybody smiling, that’s a real bonus.

There was a time when you could drive quite a way into the City or West End of London. It was always congested of course, but occasionally doable. Judging from the continued congestion there now, some people still do despite penalties and costs associated. Not much smiling going on in these cars either.

At least these commuters seem to be heading towards somewhere.  The poor souls circumnavigating London on the M25 just seemed destined to an eternal carousel. I just hope they are listening to decent music and not the drone of depressing Radio News. 

It’s a pity that for the clear majority of people this feature of their life must continue for most of the year – bar the few short weeks allowed for vacation – in order to put food on the table

Some progressive companies are facilitating employees being able to work remotely.  Far too few alas. There is an old-fashioned culture of control that many employers exercise. Never mind the effects of all of this on the human beings that work for them.

For others though there is the option to take a leap out of the (dis) Comfort Zone. It’s an option I would stronlgy recommend if you are at a point in your life when the next move could be crucial.  As a recovering commuter I have the zeal of the convert in advocating taking self-employment options. Most particularly the route in which I am now travelling which is online marketing.  There are other internet based businesses based around various products and services, lifestyle change and personal development and many more. It’s never been easier to find out how to do this and to begin the process of setting up your business.

Is there enough money in it to tempt away from well paid (albeit stressful) jobs in the Corporate world? if you study it and put in the time and effort, yes.  It’s not easy, but what is?  But it’s not rocket science either. There’s a marked difference between putting in 70 hours of your choosing for something you are passionafe about measured against the same time under somebody else’s regime.

It will not suit everybody, but I would encourage people to do the due diligence and find out.  Nobody has to follow through and the good mentors know how counterproductive it is to hound or spam people. The business has moved on.

Unless of course, hot crowded trains and depressing radio news are your thing.

The (Sun) Light At The End Of The Tunnel

The Sun doesn’t shine like this every day.

When it does and I am working from home, then I set up my ‘office’ from the steps near Blackrock Diving tower in Saltill, Galway where I am lucky enough to live.

It wasn’t always that way of course. Just a few years ago I was getting the Central Line train from Epping (where I was living at the time) and getting off at Bank Station in the ‘City’ of London.  

Anybody who is familiar with the London Underground doesnt need me to tell them how uncomfortable these journeys can be, especially at the time the 9-5’s need to be marshalled in and out of the offices. It just so happens that the Central Line is about the most uncomfortable of all. In the summer, you won’t find a Sauna anywhere in London to match it!

Sometime after that job I worked adjacent to Heathrow Airport. I found a place to live 6-7 miles from the Airport, which isn’t far – except if you have any awareness of the traffic that can build up around that area, especially at the time…you guessed it. 

Is this all negative?  Not at all. These experiences and more like it only strenthened my resolve to find another way of putting food on the table.  Tempting though it was to take off in VW Camper around Europe, three teenagers not yet of working age ensured that a decent income was still requiired.

I had started a small business when I was 19.  I was very nieve but managed to get 4 years out of it until I couldn’t afford not to work for somebody else again.

What did stay with me from that experiece however, was a sense of freedom to determine direction.  Ultimatey the business didnt work as I wanted, but that feeling never left me.  

In the process of getting my life together, I developed a desire to become a better person. I spent some time on ‘Project Me’ which by the way is still very much a work in progress.  Part of the resolution that I have made has been to create a lifestyle that works for me and those closest to me, but also one doesn’t inpact negatively on anybody else and that I can be at ease with.

I had read the books, watched the videos and listened to the podcasts to help get the principles in place and even started preaching some of it myself.  Still the component that was missing was practicing what i preached.

I found a route to take that is consistant with my core beliefs and that desire to grow, then there was nothing else to do but to embrace it. Adventure can start in an instant and that’s what happened with me when I came across first class training to set up my own online business.  A few decades on from my last business and with a whole new skill set required, but every bit as exiting.

My online business has become the place where my beliefs and desires have converged..  I found mentors that just so happen share my World View and my journey has taken a very positive step towards being able to help and advise others and faciltate people to take a similar journey out of 9-5 and take ownership of their destiny.  It has made me evangelical about spreading the word that such opportunities exist.  If I can do it… 

So, when the Sun shines I ensure that I make the most of it and bring my work – and so as not to give a false inpression, its plenty of hard work too – down to the sea shore and continue ‘Project Me’ from there.

My name is Vincent Wood and my online business is Allure Naturally 

Learn to Make a Living Online

Create a Lifestye that works for you, your famiy and loved ones.

People are starting online businesses at all ages and from all backgrounds. It’s has never been easier to create time and financial freedom for yourself and your loved ones.

People are swapping the stress of the 9-5 world for control over their lifestyle and the ability to work wherever they want.

Not that there is a limit to what you can earn. But it’s a limit you set, not others. Of course it takes the right mindset, hard work and persistence. However, by following this proven system and having the guidance of successful mentors you can live your perfect day, every day.

My name is Vincent Wood and I created Allure Naturally to offer people the opportunity to create a lifestyle business. of their own.

I had a good, well paid Senior Management position. I was well positioned within the company, but had to trade too much of my time to maintain this lifestyle. I was always going to have to fit my personal life into a time schedule under the control of others.

In order to take control of my own destiny, I decided to leave the comfort zone of a secure Multinational Company.

I made the right choice. I found the vehicle to help create my own online business and the opportunity – not only to earn even more than I did before – but to be able to work from anywhere that I choose and in timescales that suit me, my family and those I care for.

You Are Talented

If you have made it to managerial or executive level you are talented.

Your talents are of great benefit to the owners of the company. You make them more money then they pay you, if you didn’t, they wouldn’t pay you!

No doubt you put energy into what you do. No doubt that means working long hours and all of those ‘glamourous’ business trips that those who havent experienced them believe mean actually seeing the place you visit.

Sure the money is good. But what’s the hourly rate? What price missing the school play or even that first – or last – day of school. 

It happens. I should know, I was that guy.

I watched a YouTube video a few months back. It was based around some guy going around central London with a loud hailer. It was a comedic piece…i think. Anyway he would shout a few lines and office workers would come to their windows to investigate.

Having got their attention he would shout this question-come-statement.

‘Will you go to your death bed wondering if you should have worked harder’. The statement begged a concluding sentence spelling out that the actual regret people have would be not spending more time with family and pursuing their dreams. He didn’t have to say this, we got it.

We have to put food on the table of course and more than that. This isn’t a call to action so that standards, expectations or even income drop. What I am promoting is based on my experience and that of many people I have had the good fortune to interact with.  Men and women of all ages. What we would term high achievers, but have come to the realisation that wealth is about more than money.

If we have used what talents to get this far, it has to be  worth considering using that skill set to carve out a lifestyle that balances between a great income and the real wealth of living life with less stress and more of what is truly fulfilling.

It has been my experience and I want to share it with people who come from a similar place and are thinking this through.

Do the due diligence and click on the Start tab above.


Build Certainty

Watching the Brexit drama continuing to unfold (how can you not!) is a reminder of how events outside of our direct control can fundamentally influence our lives.

The best laid plans of companies employing tens of thousands of people are being washed away by decisions taken by political institutions. Certainties for their employees are evaporating.

Brexit is just the most stark example of how external factors can force decisions and subsequent actions. It’s very live so we can’t help but be focused on it. What it does bring to our attention is that there can always be some external influence on our workplace.

We can be successful in our own position and be earning a good salary. The company can be pleased with what we are doing for them. It can seem a successful partnership, but ultimately an external influence can blow that all away.

There are lots of reasons to consider using your talents to build a lifestyle under your own control. The ideological and political direction of governments and resulting effects on the economy and impacts on even the longest of careers is certainly one to factor in.

It’s got to be worth looking at the options

Allure Naturally and Your Journey

There is no time like the present. Now there’s a sentence full to the brim with all kinds of truth.

Follow the quote through and It goes on to say…a thousand underseen circumstances may interrupt you at a future time.  I would substitute WILL for MAY in that sentence

An adventure can start in an instant. You can pick up a book for example or you could be looking at a YouTube video and see an ad pop up that can take you on a journey…

Talking of time. You will have to make some time for yourself.  Creating that time is one of the most important things you can do.

Allure Naturally was created to play a part in that journey.  Hitting that Start tab at the top of this page will show you how

A Short Guide To Fundamental Change

There are lots of Quotes and affirmations out there and I definitely make use of them to help set a tone or be inspired in one way or another. It’s also great to share them I think. But the words on this picture are a reminder, if we need one, that it is actions as well as words that are needed to create the life we deserve.

I set myself a challenge last year. It was to try and summarise some positive actions into 5000 words. Trying to cover all of the types of positive actions that I know I need in my life, but that also may be of some use to people who want to make positive change. I realised that 5000 words is enough to be read in one sitting if needs be or be a handy reference to be dipped into. I wrote it for myself and for busy people – or rather people who think they are busy and believe don”t have the time for reading. A Short Guide To Fundamental Change was that attempt. I managed to refine it to 5000 words.

But it’s words. Allure Naturally is putting my words into actions as a business that is underpinned by those words. It’s so I can practice what I preach, which of course is what we should all aspire to do.


My Personal Success Story 



I was earning a good wage, but was not the master of my own destiny. It would always be somebody else’s decision whether the company succeeded or fell.

For a long time I had told myself that it was possible to achieve a lifestyle that both secured an income or my family but also secured happiness in my day to day life.  Less stress and more laughter.  In other words – Freedom.

SFM has given me that opportunity to build a business around the things that matter most to me – My family, where I want to be, the hours I work and the places – wherever in the World they may be – that I want to work from.

Leaving the Comfort Zone has been the most important journey I have ever made.